Precisely What Does «You’re Not My Type» Mean?

Guys usually are simple if they communicate. They don’t really usually play the role of cryptic or talk «around» a subject. They may be all company and reasoning, so if they’re not lying, these include most likely only telling it enjoy it is. Never look grannies looking for sex plenty of subtext between your lines because there most likely isn’t.

If he says you aren’t their kind but he is however interested, take it at par value. He probably is wanting to say that he is not often interested in significant, brainy ladies, but there is simply some thing in regards to you that intrigues him.

If he’s just interested in intercourse, the guy probably wont discuss you’re not their type, as that will work against their game. He will either lay on the charm and old common outlines, or he will claim that you two should get together for many fun sometime.

He’s going to state you are «hot» versus letting you know you are quite. He’ll eyeball you down and up like an ice-cream sundae, and he’ll move around in close in an aggressive instead of sensitive fashion. You are a woman, so use your intuition. You’ll know just what he’s really interested in, one way or perhaps the additional.